6 Essential Lessons To Maintain A Long-Lasting Sex Life

6 Essential Lessons To Maintain A Long-Lasting Sex Life

Don’t want to be stuck in a sex rut?  Running out of idea how to keep the passion flowing?

Worry no more because here are six essential lessons to maintain a long-lasting sex life with your partner;

  1. Communicate always.

We all know that communication is a strong foundation of a relationship. Direct and honest communication is a major part of any relationship. If both of you feel comfortable to express sexual desires, fears, and needs, you’ll create a stronger building block of trust and bond.

  1. Learn to listen.

No matter how ruthless the things are, you should give your partner an opportunity to speak about his/her sexual rants.

Some couples tend to be decisive before they have heard out each other. To make things clear, do not scream, keep control of yourself and lend your ears. I tell you, this will make a big difference. Listening is the best way to resolve your sexual issues

  1. Keep physical affection alive.

Since the existence of human, touch is a central part of one’s sexual life. Studies have shown the significance of loving, regular touching as well as holding on the brain development of an infant. But, these benefits don’t only end in infantile.

Indeed, life with no physical touching base with others is such a lonely life. Studies have also revealed that love touch essentially increases oxytocin body levels. A hormone has an impact on attachment and bonding. Frequently, physical intercourse in a committed bond between two mature partners is the relationship’s cornerstone. But, intercourse should not just the only way of physical intimacy in a sexual relationship. Affection and regular touch such as kissing, hugging or holding hands is equally vital.

  1. Change your sex play.

Just like other things, your sex plan needs modification as well. So every now and then, put an effort to explore new things together. Adding sex toy in your bedroom routine is a good option.

Make your sex life interesting, fun and playful through maintaining an intense physical excitement present during your lovemaking session. Not only that, but it also plays an important role in strengthening your bond as a couple emotionally.

  1. Appreciate and love your body.

Are you afraid to get into the missionary sex position because you’re too scared that your lover would see your sagging chin?

The truth is, your guy is not focusing on whether your bum appears bigger from behind or your chin sags or not. He’s not thinking about those things.  Don’t doubt him. Just follow his lead. And more importantly, be confident with your body and better sex will definitely follow.

  1. Schedule your hot session.

It’s not easy to maintain a long-lasting sex life, especially if you’re both busy on work. If that’s the case, it’s best advisable to schedule your ‘make love session.’ This way, it will keep you both feel desired and wanted.

Relationship is full of challenges. They take lots of work, focus and dedication. It is a frustrating game of chance to find the right person you want to settle down with.

Even when you’ve already found your perfect match, you still build an effort to keep your sexual relationship stronger and healthier. Let these abovementioned lessons be your guide to maintain a happy and contented sex life with your partner.